Vidimsko pruskalo from the panoramic site

Vidimsko pruskalo and 50 mini waterfalls

GPS coordinates start: 42.78096, 24.92194
GPS coordinates final: 42.74212, 24.94755
Distance: 2h departure, 1.5h return,13.2 km total (to the waterfall and back)
Degree of difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
GPS track:

In this article I will share my impressions about the walk to the panoramic site for the Vidimsko pruskalo and shots of the beautiful waterfalls along the Praskalska river or the Right Vidima.

Vidimsko Praskalo Waterfall is located in the Central Balkan Mountains, part of the North Djendem Reserve and the Central Balkan National Park. It is in the top 5 of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria with its proud 80 meters.

In the Central Balkans are some of the highest and most impressive waterfalls in Bulgaria, which the locals call the pruskalo.

The trail is located on the bed of the river Praskalska. Extremely shady, sloping and really outrageously beautiful.

In August, when we took the trail, the waterfall was not visible due to the drought, but instead we filled the senses with mind-blowing views and emotions.

Start of the journey to the Vidimsko pruskalo

I can’t help but start with the length of the resort town of Apriltsi, where the trail starts. It consists of 4 villages: Novo Selo, Zla Reka, Vidima and Ostrets. By the time you go from one end to the other, it is about 22 km.

The start of the trail starts from the end of Vidima, one of the four neighborhoods of Apriltsi. It starts immediately after the parking lot to the right of Vidima HPP.

Crystal waterfall along the Praskalska River
Crystal waterfall along the Praskalska River

Surprise…. Usually when we attack eco-trails, it’s just us or here and there some misguided tourists.

Here I was immediately impressed: the full parking lot, large family groups with children and ladies in formal low-heeled shoes, generally used for walks in an urban environment. Apparently, apart from being easy, the trail is also quite commercial.

It turned out that the destination to the Vidimsko pruskalo, as well as the one near the Pleven hut are extremely popular over the weekend for enthusiasts in the region and beyond.

On the way to the Vidimsko pruskalo
On the way to the Vidimsko pruskalo

The storm

In a hurry not to forget some important detail for the hike, I forgot the most important thing …… To check the weather forecast!

And that didn’t look bad at all. Nearly 40 degrees of heat, which, however, cooled by the powerful shadows of the eco-trail without any problem.

This mistake of mine later led to wetting to the bone from a short thunderstorm summer storm, which almost made my not very motivated group give up the transition.

I resisted the grumbling, and at the first enlightenment behind the thick branches, I returned with all my enthusiasm my dear companions back to the route up.

The relaxing murmur of the river
The relaxing murmur of the river

First stage of the path to the Vidimsko pruskalo

I conditionally divided the path into 2 parts. The first is at the lower part of the river, extremely picturesque with greenery downstream. The second is the beginning of the North Djendem Reserve, which became a little steeper and was dotted with bridges.

The first 1-2 kilometers were quite party oriented. Companies of all calibers blissfully tumbled into the cool mountain river. The smell of barbecue. High giggles and naked bodies. For a moment we wondered if we were on the Sunny Beach or in the mountains?

The path was rocky, but extremely wide. You can’t go wrong, especially in the crowd up. There are signs, markings or just follow the flow of the river.

Green steps - Vidimsko pruskalo
Green steps – Vidimsko pruskalo

Apart from the magnetic falls or mini waterfalls along the river, which I soon stopped counting, I can’t help but notice the emerald huge stones, clad in neat cloaks of moss.

After the surprising rain, the rock colors shone like suns and illuminated the shady river valley with mother-of-pearl reflections.

The sparkling stones after the rain
The sparkling stones after the rain

An information board informed us about a deviation from the transition called with the loud: “Route on the way of the Balkan people” connected with the steps of the proud mountaineers on these lands and their way of life and culture.

A few more elegant falls on the river
A few more elegant falls on the river

We quenched our thirst in two places with the icy mountain stream. The first fountain was thematically decorated with a bear and had a gazebo, benches and information about the flora and fauna of the Central Balkans.

Attractive fountain on the way to the Vidimsko pruskalo
Attractive fountain on the way to the Vidimsko pruskalo

Second part of the transition to the Vidimsko pruskalo

The second part of the transition was separated by 2 wooden doors and signs for the North Djendem Reserve.

Before that we passed a small building with a maintained fenced meadow, presumably managed for the purposes of the HPP.

From here up, the river was almost lost, but it was full of all kinds of bridges. Not always necessary, but colorful.

The trail was covered with signs “Attention this and that”, so you can navigate without effort.

A series of bridges on the way to the Vidimsko pruskalo
A series of bridges on the way to the Vidimsko pruskalo

The other spectacular meeting was the trees in neat green uniforms, but with a surprising stylistic accent in the face of the charming tree mushrooms, dotted with artistic disorder.

Spectacular rock mushrooms
Spectacular rock mushrooms

Red hammock of a blissfully napping tourist. Sheltered among the trees, away from the noise on the path.

A magical pyramid of stones, so fragile against the background of the huge rocks around.

The summer rain managed to startle the frivolous tourists, and on the trail we were left with only crazy heads like us.

Pyramid to the Vidimsko pruskalo
Pyramid to the Vidimsko pruskalo

Final of the Vidimsko pruskalo

From bridge to bridge (and I stopped counting them), we found ourselves on the panoramic platform, providing a remarkable view of the rocky crown of North Djendem. From a distance we wondered if we could see or not see the water jet of the waterfall. His water-bleached lair looked so realistic.

The rest area was formed by several benches and while we stretched our tired feet with pleasure, we admired the magnificent view of the powerful slopes of Stara Planina.

The awe-inspiring rock reaches a height of 500 meters in places. Between the two peaks of the wreath is the saddle Pileshki Polog, along which the waters of the Vidimsko pruskalo flow.

It is possible to reach the waterfall itself, but it is recommended only for experienced mountaineers, due to the difficult terrain and inaccessible ridges leading to it.

It turned out that snowy and wet spring avalanches started from the ridge of the Vidimsko pruskalo, destroying huge spaces with their shock wave. So much beauty and natural fury gathered in one….

Vidimsko pruskalo from the panoramic site
Vidimsko pruskalo from the panoramic site

The path to the Vidimsko pruskalo is incredibly graceful in terms of views, easy to conquer with children and enchanting coolness in the hot summer months.

Only the next time we will aim at a fuller time, I hope we can then see the waterfall in all its glory.

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