Indipasha - the spring with the sacred and healing water

Indipasha – the mystical sanctuary in Strandzha

Walking distance: 30 minutes one way

Degree of difficulty – ★★☆☆☆

Indipasha is a mysterious consecration place in the depths of Strandzha, an exotic place with healing water. There is a huge rock with a spring gushing at the base.

The place is associated with cults from the time of the Thracians and is located in a deep, steep valley.

Its strange name is associated with interpretations: after Easter or at Easter.

After Easter, sacrifice and ritual pieces of bread are distributed here.

Devotees wash their faces, drink from the water, and even sleep on the spot.

Folk art speaks of a blinded buffalo, which started to see, after drinking water from a spring, and the legend of the healing properties of the place began.

The mystical place is a combination of Christian and pagan traditions and many people come here for healing and spiritual purification.

How to get to Indipasha?

Stage 1 – first turn to Indipasha

In the first stage of finding the rock sanctuary is reaching the turnoff on the road between Malko Tarnovo and Tsarevo, in the area of Gramatikovo.

GPS coordinates of the turnoff from the main road: 42.026667, 27.623378.

There is a sign for the Kachul area.

After that, we continued about 5 km on a gravel road and passed a hunting lodge and a chapel of the Holy Mother of God.

Indipasha - a detour from the road
Indipasha – a detour from the road

Stage 2 – second turn and forest path

GPS coordinates of the detour from the gravel road: 42.011393, 27.664109

We reached the second turnoff, where we left our car.

There was a wooden sign on the left, the Indipasha Sanctuary.

We climbed for about 20-30 minutes on a wide forest path. There was a small ascent in 2-3 places.

Indipasha - a detour from the road
Indipasha – a detour from a gravel road

We saw interesting cobwebs in several places, where a tunnel was clearly visible, where the spider was returning waiting for the next victim.

An interesting cobweb
An interesting cobweb

Stage 3 – a place for rest and descent to Indipasha

Walking along the forest road, we reached a small meadow with benches and an information board about the ancient Thracian consecration.

To the left behind the sign begins the last part of the route, a short descent down a steep path.

It is equipped by railings, but still, be careful.

The sanctuary Indipasha was revealed to us.

A huge and gloomy valley, overgrown with dense forests. Infinite and absolute silence, except for the murmur of the water gushing from the small spring.

Of course, we washed our faces and drank the water respecting the traditions of the place.

The small wooden iconostasis, crosses, icons, candles, and many clothes hung on the surrounding trees.

They are left by people who have sought healing in the hope that through the garment they leave their pain between heaven and earth.

Clothes hung on the trees
Clothes hung on the trees
Indipasha - the spring with the sacred and healing water
Indipasha – the spring with the sacred and healing water

Everywhere around us is green, very green: trees, branches, bushes, moss, creeping plants.

The feeling is that you are in some other mysterious forest world and at any moment, fairies and elves from their magical habitats will appear.

The healing spring in the distant future
The healing spring in the distant future


I recommend visiting Indipasha, which reminded me personally of another healing and religious place: Demir Baba Teke near Isperih.

Although Strandzha is rich in many cult sanctuaries, this consecration site has a very special spirit and atmosphere, and is worth taking the time to visit the landmark in this area.

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