Armenistis - view of Mount Athos

Holiday in Camping Armenistis

In this post you will find out what to expect from Camping Armenistis: types of accommodation, places to eat, beach, activities and more.

Location of Armenistis

Camping Armenistis is located on the second arm of Sithonia on the beloved Halkidiki peninsula. This sleeve has more vegetation and greenery than the first one: Kassandra, with beautiful beaches and preferred for accommodation by families with children.

Accommodation in Armenistis

The campsite offers different types of accommodation: mobile homes, caravans, beach house, safari tents, as well as accommodation in own caravans, tents, campers and more.

We had chosen a mobile home for the second time. The convenience is that they are located in a forest with dense vegetation, have small gardens, are surrounded by green bushes, and have guaranteed shade throughout the day.

We also like that it is quieter and calmer than the madhouse around the tents.

They are close to the central part of the campsite – the restaurant, and shops and very close to the beach.

A recommendation from me – bring a barbecue! We did the foolish thing to disregard the first time we were here.

However, we compensated for the second time with an electric grill, which became a hit in the company due to the fast heating and minimal effort.

Armenistis mobile home
Armenistis mobile home

There are also more luxurious types of mobile homes, which are newer, more spacious, and close to the beautiful gardens of the campsite.

Nice place for children’s feet to run on the soft carpet of the maintained grass.

Armenistis - luxury mobile home
Armenistis – luxury mobile home

The caravans and safari tents are located in a slightly further part of the campsite, but they enjoy the first line to the beautiful beach of Armenistis.

Beach and caravans
Beach and caravans

I have already mentioned the well-designed flower beds and green spaces at the campsite. The bushes have been carefully trimmed, the scent of the typical Greek oleander lurking everywhere, which reminded me of a lilac.

A bridge wrapped in zokum
A bridge wrapped in oleander

Beach and gourmet

We have been to many places in Greece, but the beach of Armenistis is one of my favorites.

A long beach, white cashmere sand, the blue azure sea.

In front of us stands the majestic Mount Athos, which gives a surreal flavor to the maritime harmony around.

Armenistis - view of Mount Athos
Armenistis – view of Mount Athos

On both sides, the beach is surrounded by bizarre cliffs, a paradise for high jumpers that make the feeling of a Hawaiian adventure even greater.

View of the beach from the rocks
View of the beach from the rocks

In the farthest parts of the beach, you can find more tranquility, where families with children usually camp.

In the area around the restaurant is a larger madhouse and a desirable meeting place for local young people, who usually occupy the area around a huge tree in front of the restaurant.

Of course, you have to keep in mind the fact that the campsite is quite popular with the locals and especially August, the traditional holiday month, we were told that it is quite full here.

There is also a paid area with umbrellas and sunbeds for those looking for greater comfort.

Don’t be fooled by the deserted beach! I took pictures early in the morning, and usually, this place is covered with bodies of beachgoers.

Area with paid umbrellas
Area with paid umbrellas

The restaurant of Armenistis deserves a special place in the travelogue.

The menu is varied enough to find your dish. Everything we or our friends tried was very tasty and in huge portions, which we ate later or the next day.

The waiters are extremely kind, communicate friendly with guests, and serve with lightning speed.

Armenistis - restaurant
Armenistis – restaurant


As an active and sporty person, I couldn’t help but try most of the activities organized by the campsite.

Water aerobics or aqua fitness is one of the most popular and affordable activities.

Additional appliances such as macaroni and weights are available to entertain the audience.

Great start to the day, just hurry to get used to the water temperature, as it starts at 9 am.

Armenistis - water aerobics
Armenistis – water aerobics

During the weekend, the program is at its maximum with many activities to visit.

There is classical yoga and aerial yoga in the later and respectively cool parts of the day.

My unexpected favorite turned out to be air yoga.

At first, I was amazed by the harmonious circle in which we were arranged. The splash of the waves, the scarlet sunset behind the hill, the creeping silence from the slightly lighter desolate beach stunned me.

The exercises were in line with the fact that most of us were amateurs. Surprisingly, we passed relatively quickly to the point where we were already upside down.

The final relaxation and the quiet voice of the instructor made me feel reborn.

Armenistis - classical yoga
Armenistis – classical yoga
Armenistis - air yoga
Armenistis – air yoga

Another interesting activity was the short hike on the eco-trail in the vicinity of the campsite.

The trail starts at the end of the campsite. It passes over the stones of a dry river. One of the older members of the group even gave up at this stage because she had to walk and jump on the rocks.

The feeling in this part of the transition is like walking like a hobbit through a fairy forest. It is so quiet and magical with the tangled vines around, the moss-green stones and the silent trees.

There was a more adrenaline rush. Our guide pointed us to a pre-attached alpine rope, which we climbed up the hill.

For experienced mountaineers like us, this part was not an effort, but the children’s part of the group was quite excited.

On the ridge of the hill in front of us stretched the beautiful view of the bay, enhanced by the emerald-green branches of the surrounding forests.

Armenistis - eco-trail
Armenistis – eco-trail

Surprising voodoo finale at the end!

Our guide lined us up in a tunnel and we took a spectacular jumping photo with which we could compete with the characters from “The Walking Dead”.

End of the eco-trail
End of the eco-trail


In conclusion, I want to say that this is a magical place to relax and meet the beautiful nature of the Greek coast.

Set yourself on holiday mood and dive with pleasure in the adventure called Armenistis!

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