Smolyan Lakes - Grassy Lake

Smolyan lakes and Orpheus rocks – among the treasures of the Rhodopes

GPS coordinates start / finish: 41.62075, 24.67709
Distance: 40 min, 1.3 km total
Elevation: 62 m
Degree of difficulty: ★ ☆☆☆☆
GPS track:

The eco-trail around Smolyan Lakes, in the area of ​​Pamporovo and Smolyan, is a pleasant destination around some of the most popular among them – the Grassy, ​​Clear, and Muddy Lakes.

The route is circular: it slopes at the beginning at the Grassy Lake, then at the ascent to the Muddy Lake it becomes steeper. In addition to the beautiful lakes, you can enjoy several curious natural attractions along the route.

About the Smolyan lakes

The lakes are located in the Western Rhodopes, near Smolyan, under the Orpheus rocks and Snezhanka peak.
In the past, there were over 20. Now there are 8 left, and one of them has been turned into a micro-dam. The largest is the Grassy Lake, the deepest is the Muddy Lake. Among the largest of them are Lagera, Clear Lake, Silage, Platenoto Lake, Osmanoviya Gyol, Milushevskoto Lake, Lilyakovo Lake. The Grassy and the Clear lakes are connected by a river arm. The Grassy lake is covered with a meter of peat layer, which explains the vegetation on it and its name.

Start of the route to the Smolyan Lakes

We started the route from Grassy Lake, where there was a spacious parking space. There were even parked campers whose occupants wondered whether to expose themselves to the scorching sun or cool off in the sweltering mountain shade.

A few years ago, when we visited the area for the first time, by chance as we were walking we even joined a marathon organized by the municipality of Smolyan. Of course, as amateurs, there was no way to qualify first, but that’s why we received an award for participation from the Olympic champion Katya Dafovska.

Here is the small monastery of the Holy Spirit, and next to it there is a fountain where you can recharge your water resources.

Smolyan Lakes - Grassy Lake
Smolyan Lakes – Grassy Lake

Immediately after the Grassy Lake, we reached the Clear Lake or what was left of it from the land in the summer. We crossed the dry swamp and entered the dense pine forest.

Smolyan Lakes - The Clear Lake
Smolyan Lakes – The Clear Lake

There was the more extreme part of the route, associated with a rather steep climb, but short. Apparently, because of the marathon, the trail was littered with red and white stripes and various signs.

In this part, be careful not to miss the Throne of Eurydice. A symbolic throne place hidden between the trees.

The throne of Eurydice
The throne of Eurydice

The culmination of the trail to the Smolyan lakes

The crown of the route is the Muddy Lake, which held its breath with its crystal-clear mirror surface, in which the pines rushed to show off their lush green robes.

Smolyan Lakes - The Muddy Lake
Smolyan Lakes – The Muddy Lake

Time for rest and photos, after which we started a smooth descent to the end of the route. In this part is the eye-catching natural landmark Lyre of Orpheus. Its shapes are well defined, so you can’t miss it.

The lyre of Orpheus
The lyre of Orpheus

After the end of the trail, we drove down the asphalt road to see the relatively large lake Lagera. In the past, it was leased as a dam, but due to a technical problem, it was again turned into a lake.

Smolyan Lakes - Lagera
Smolyan Lakes – Lagera

From here, in addition to the alpine roofs of the nearby hotels, you can admire the panorama of the magical Orpheus Rocks.

Orpheus rocks in the distance
Orpheus rocks in the distance

The last lake we visited was the Silage, which is located on the road just before Smolyan.

Smolyan Lakes - Silage
Smolyan Lakes – Silage

Snow White Tower

Another landmark in the area is Snezhanka peak and the 156 m high TV tower on it. The peak is 1926 m and is the highest in the region of Pamporovo.

As we drove to the tower, we were amazed at the thought that the well-maintained asphalt road is actually the lightest ski slope in the resort of Pamporovo in winter. Good thing there were artificial snow facilities to recognize it.

Snezhanka peak
Snezhanka peak

There was a short wait in line for the elevator, putting on an outer garment, not to be blown away by the winds at the top, and a stunning panorama in all directions to the surrounding region.

Of course, we immortalized the moment, with beer and barbecue, at the nearest pub at the foot of the tower.

View from the Snow White tower
View from the Snow White tower

Orpheus rocks
GPS coordinates start: 41.63522, 24.67862
GPS coordinates final: 41.62898, 24.68267
Distance: 20 min, 0.9 km one way
Displacement: 22 m
Degree of difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆
GPS track:

The walk to the Orpheus Rocks in the area of the Snow White Tower is also very easy and pleasant. And here, campers and tents had littered the area at the beginning of the route. Mountain bikers swept to the right and left, not particularly impressed by the slope displacement.

Apparently, the route was quite popular because we met a large group of campers and many families with children.

Orpheus rocks
Orpheus rocks

On the route itself, there is nowhere to go wrong. At the end, there is a sign for the landmark and a gazebo.

There is a very slight climb, on the rocks above. Here we had to wait patiently for the three elderly ladies, who were taking selfies for about half an hour until they made sure they hadn’t missed anything of the stunning scenery behind them.

View from Orpheus rocks
View from Orpheus rocks

And it is majestic! Apart from the powerful slopes of the Rhodopes, the huts, and the hotels in the valley, the fabulous eyes of the Smolyan lakes were blue below.

Lake Lagera from above
Lake Lagera from above


The region of Smolyan and Pamporovo offers a number of attractive panoramic places and intriguing routes for tempering the physique and enjoyment of the soul. The Smolyan lakes, Snezhanka peak, and Orpheus rocks are only a small part of the mystical and captivating mosaic of natural pictures of the Rhodopes.

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