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What to expect from the new Bulgarian campings – Zora, Gardenia, Ailyaka, Shkorpilovtsi

In this article, I want to share my impressions of our stay with a camper at several campings on the Black Sea coast – Zora, Gardenia, Aylyak and Shkorpilovtsi.

Two to the north, two to the south, the campsites are new or made in the last few years.

I was interested in whether in the situation of Covid and the new mass reality of working from a distance, whether there is great interest in Bulgarian campsites.

I was also curious to draw a parallel with the foreign campsites where I was.

Camping Zora

Location: in Obzor

Obzor is a beautiful Black Sea town in the municipality of Nessebar.

We were impressed by the pleasant landscaping everywhere.

The gardens and the city park were carefully maintained.

The central part of the city with a fountain surrounded by flowers and bridges also looked impressive.

Obzor - beautiful urban landscaping
Obzor – beautiful urban landscaping

The amphitheater of the seaside town, which is used for events and concerts, has been restored and effectively illuminated for night walks.

The amphitheater of Obzor
The amphitheater of Obzor

The interesting thing about camping Zora is that it is located in the real part of the city.

This is a significant difference from all other campings.

Plus, it is easy to find and close to the beach (5 -10 minutes walk).

As it is on the back of the shopping street, it is close to a large grocery store, restaurants, bars, and attractions.

There is a 10% discount for camping guests at the nearest restaurant.

The staff was very responsive and took us around the campsite.

In the evening there was a noise from an amusement park positioned nearby, but this did not disturb in any way our camping mood.

I would divide the camping area into 2 parts

More green, with trees and shrubs and the other a little barer, but also with trees at the end.

The reception, the bungalows, and the central part with a magnificent playground were immersed in greenery.

Camping Zora Obzor - playground
Camping Zora Obzor – playground

The boxwoods were carefully aligned and flowers pleased the eye from every angle.

Camping Zora Obzor - camping among the trees
Camping Zora Obzor – camping among the trees

The bathrooms were also maintained and located in the center of the campsite.

Camping Zora Obzor - bathrooms
Camping Zora Obzor – bathrooms

Here I show a general plan for the two parts, the left one greener and the right one, which was more spacious.

Most caravans and campers were located on the right side.

Our place was in good shade. It was very calm and allowed us complete relaxation.

Wi-fi was stable all the time, so the grumbling teenagers from our group were extremely pleased.

Camping Zora Obzor - general plan
Camping Zora Obzor – general plan

The beach of Obzor is the longest in Bulgaria – 14 km.

The sand was fine and the beach looked very well maintained.

Obzor  - overview beach
Obzor – overview beach

A bonus for lovers of walks in the woods is the Kaleto eco-trail, which starts on the outskirts of the town and which I will tell you about separately.

Camping Gardenia

Location: Kiten / Lozenets

Maybe Camping Gardenia was the surprise of the whole tour on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The camping is located between Lozenets and Kiten, at the turnoff for camping South.

From materials on the Internet, I had some expectations for the place, but in reality, it exceeded them.

Great organization of the camping space!

The campers are with the campers, the caravans with the caravans, etc., each with their own kind. Tents are not allowed.

There are no tangled cables and hoses in the common areas and typical of the camping landscape.

Everything is neat and tidy and even the wooden caravans provided by the campsite have a designer look.

We caught the first days of the restaurant, which looked very elegant with a spacious view of the sea. So far, it worked only at noon with a small but selected menu.

There is a grocery store on the territory of the campsite and a mini children’s playground.

An option is on a path before the campsite, to walk to the campsite Kiten (about 15 minutes), where there is also a grocery store and restaurants.

Wi-fi at the moment (at least in the area with campers) was not available, but we understood that it can be used around the reception.

Map of camping Gardenia
Map of camping Gardenia

This year is the first at the campsite. The staff warned us that the camper area is not ready yet and space there is yet to be formed.

However, we were welcomed and extremely pleased with the stay.

Camping Gardenia - a place for campers
Camping Gardenia – a place for campers

The caravans were set up for the whole season and were only personal.

The staff assured us that they think there will be an opportunity for short-term hiring in the future.

Despite their modern wooden attire, the caravans attracted the eye with their individual style – flags, hammocks, gardens, and marine accessories.

Camping Gardenia - caravans
Camping Gardenia – caravans

The bungalows are also private, designed, and looked mind-boggling.

There was a view of the sea from all the accommodation areas, and the azure waves shone on the horizon all the time.

Camping Gardenia - bungalows
Camping Gardenia – bungalows

Another innovative element was glamping Gora ( Forest).

This is a separate space with luxury tents with single and double beds.

It’s funny that they have numbers, so that someone doesn’t confuse the tent!

Glamping Gora
Glamping Gora

Here the area surprised us with a stylish shared kitchen and a vintage furnished “dining room”.

Glamping Gora - kitchen
Glamping Gora – kitchen

The bathrooms, in addition to being chic, were extremely clean.

The specificity is that for the use of hot water in the showers, a card with impulses from the reception is purchased.

Camping Gardenia - bathrooms
Camping Gardenia – bathrooms

The beach is small and private, surrounded by interesting rocks on both sides.

This is a wild unguarded beach place.

There is much to be desired about its maintenance, but that is its charm and perhaps this area will still be developed.

Here I took pictures while doing morning yoga, completely alone on the beach.

Camping Gardenia - beach
Camping Gardenia – beach

My adventurous nature did not let me fall into a trance.

One afternoon we had an adventurous walk on the rocks to the camping Kiten, which is located in the neighboring bay.

We carefully crossed the slippery sea rocks.

At one point we stepped straight into the sea until we reached the next rocks.

The effort was worth it. The views from the mini coves along the route overflowed with amazing sea colors.

Camping Gardenia - a walk on the rocks
Camping Gardenia – a walk on the rocks

Camping Aylaka

Location: 6 km before Chernomorets

Another place where we stayed was camping Aylaka.

And here we were warned that the campsite is new and not everything is still working according to plan.

The camping takes up a lot of space, the staff even rode a small motorbike.

And here there is a part that is quite shady and green and another, closer to the shore, which in turn compensates with a view of the first line.

The nearest grocery store is in the village of Atia, which is 1.8 km from the campsite.

The bonus is that the prices are quite low and for BGN 20 I bought a lot.

Wi-fi was more or less good.

Camping Ailyaka - general plan
Camping Ailyaka – general plan

We were staying in the woods, where more campers were positioned.

And here it was very quiet, except for the noise from the road, which was closer.

There was a lot of distance between the campers and everyone had their own space.

Ailyaka - camper area
Ailyaka – camper area

The area around the sea was occupied by campers and caravans. For now, tents are not allowed here.

There was a spacious playground with mini football gates and ample parking space.

Ailyaka - an area closer to the shore
Ailyaka – an area closer to the shore

The bathrooms were several and positioned in different corners of the campsite.

We did not see any places to drain campers, but maybe this is planned.

Interestingly, they were visually shaped differently.

Ailyaka - sanitary facilities
Ailyaka – sanitary facilities

The sea pleased us nearby all the time.

The strip here is private for camping, well maintained, with palm trees and eye-pleasing straw umbrellas.

The amazing thing was that the water was super calm, without waves, something that is not typical of the Black Sea.

It really happens because the beach is nestled inside the bay of Atia.

Ailyaka - beach
Ailyaka – beach

The bay after the buoys was full of personal jets, with which the vacationers entertained.

To the right is the Burgas naval base, and to the left on the horizon was the island of St. Anastasia (Bolshevik).

Ailyaka - walk on the beach and the island of St. Anastasia
Ailyaka – walk on the beach and the island of St. Anastasia

We took our favorite evening walk on the beach and enjoyed the scarlet colors of the setting sun.

Ailyaka at sunset
Ailyaka at sunset

Camping Shkorpilovtsi

Location: in Shkorpilovtsi

Camping Shkorpilovtsi is located at the very beginning of the resort village Shkorpilovtsi.

Behind the northern part of the beach of Shkorpilovtsi, is the area “Kamchiyski Pyasatsi”.

The place is famous as an ecologically clean region.

The specifics of the campsite is that the reception is open from 10-12 in the morning and from 17-19 in the evening, so do not be surprised if outside these ranges, no one answers.

The staff was kind and showed us the available camper seats.

There is a restaurant with good cuisine in the immediate vicinity.

We shopped from two grocery stores, also very close to the campsite.

And here the wi-fi was up and down well.

Camping Shkorpilovtsi - reception
Camping Shkorpilovtsi – reception

The campsite is not big. There is a shaded part at the back.

Campers, caravans and tents, we were in a cheerful neighborhood.

We chatted with nice Romanian families who said they were here almost all summer.

Camping Shkorpilovtsi - general plan
Camping Shkorpilovtsi – general plan
Camping Shkorpilovtsi - general plan
Camping Shkorpilovtsi – general plan

There is a cute children’s play area where kids can have fun at certain hours.

There is also a summer cinema outside the campsite.

Camping Shkorpilovtsi - children's area
Camping Shkorpilovtsi – children’s area

The bathrooms were organized at the beginning of the campsite.

There are buttons to the showers that need to be pressed every 1-2 minutes.

Camping Shkorpilovtsi - bathrooms
Camping Shkorpilovtsi – bathrooms

To reach the beach, cross the road and after a few meters, you are on the shore.

It is 13 km long and in some places 100 m wide, which makes it the longest and most spacious, continuous beach in Bulgaria.

The cult for the beach of Shkorpilovtsi is the 230-meter flyover, which is part of the built research base “Shkorpilovtsi”.

Shkorpilovtsi - beach
Shkorpilovtsi – beach

There are many restaurants and cafes on the beach.

The beach is so long that you can’t see both ends.

We made a heroic effort to get some walking, but at one point it got quite dark, the beach was deserted and we retreated ingloriously.

This pose with a small Louvre from the beautiful Shkorpilovtsi remained as a wonderful memory.

Shkorpilovtsi - walk on the beach
Shkorpilovtsi – walk on the beach


The challenge is over! We got an idea of what is happening with camping life in the new places on our Black Sea coast.

All campings had their advantages and room for improvement, and we had a great time everywhere.

Nowhere was it crowded, there was air and time to relax.

We hope that Bulgarian campings are getting even better and there will be more and more quality places for recreation, where we can be close to nature.

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